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Avsnittsguide: Säsong 3
Här hittar du all information om avsnitten i säsong 3 av Veronica Mars. Använd menyn till höger för att byta säsong och under det listas de olika avsnitten.
304 - Charlie Don't Surf
SammanfattningGästskådespelareTrivia och referenserMusikenCitat

Författare: Diane Ruggiero och Jason Elen
Regissör: Jason Bloom
Sändningsdatum USA: 24 okt 2006 på CW
Sändningsdatum Sverige: 5 juli 2007 på SVT2
Tittarsiffror USA: 3.33 miljoner
Tittarsiffror Sverige: 175 000
Forum: Diskutera avsnittet
Avsnittsbeskrivning från The CW: När Logan informeras om att hans ärvda pengar håller på att ta slut blir han misstänksam och anlitar Veronicas hjälp för att reda ut hans ekonomiska problem. Veronica upptäcker att stora summor pengar har betalats ut till en man vid namn Charlie Stone. Samtidigt anlitas Keith av Harmony for att undersöka hennes mans affärer.
(det finns ingen sammanfattning ännu)
Matt Czuchry - Charlie Stone/Norman Phipps
Chastity Dotson - Nish
David Tom - Chip Diller
Krista Kalmus - Claire Nordhouse
Parry Shen - Hsiang "Charleston" Chu
Laura San Giacomo - Harmony Chase
Lee Weaver - Walter
Ryan Eggold - Charlie Stone
Tanya Michelle - Nancy
Mark Ciarrocchi - Mark Chase
Cliff Weissmann - Avi Kaufman
Amy Rider - Charlotte
David Manning - Frat-kille
LeAnna Campbell - Carly
Trivia och referenser 
Avsnittstiteln "Charlie Don't Surf" är en känd replik från filmen "Apocalypse Now" från 1979. "Charlie Don't Surf" är också en låt av The Clash.

Veronica: Hello Dick, Chip, faceless Star Trek crew members. En referens till Star Trek där alla bakgrundskaraktärer alltid är vanliga okända personer.

Veronica: Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here! Ett citat från filmen "The Big Lebowski".

Dick: They're hee-eere. Ett känt citat från skräckfilmen "Poltergeist".
1. Okänd låt
Spelas när Keith, Veronica och Logan äter middag.

2. Okänd låt
Spelas när Veronica frågar ut Charleston.

3. Okänd låt
Spelas när Veronica avslöjar reportern på stranden.

4. Space Needle - Never Lonely Alone
Spelas när Logan ringer Charlie en fjärde gång.

Veronica: This is a bad idea.
Keith: No, it's not.
Veronica: You only think it's not because you came up with it.
Keith: Ergo, how could it be bad? Math, sweetie. Me + idea = good.

Veronica: You're not showing me porn?
Logan: No.
Veronica: Is it a fuzzy newborn kitten?

Logan: [till Veronica] Go get 'em, bobcat.

Wallace: I liked the other place you worked better.
Veronica: Think maybe that's because we had food there?
Wallace: Did you see this? [visar upp skoltidningen]
Veronica: [läser] "Pi Sig frat common thread in campus rapes."
Wallace: There was a Pi Sig event the night of every attack. There's a little graphic and everything.
Veronica: Coloured ink. It must be true.

Keith: [får syn på Dick] Can I help you?
Dick: Do you know which one of these is Veronica's? [han känner igen Keith] Oh, guess so. This is so freaky - I've totally been to this complex before. We had to pick up our maid here once. Is Veronica home?

Dick: [ser sig omkring i lägenheten] Aww, it's like a little kitchen area, huh? Oh, it's so awesome!
Veronica: If you're not gonna shoo it out with a newspaper, I'm stepping on it.
Dick: Hey, buddy! Hope it's not weird, me just showing up. I can't believe I've known you forever and you've never had me over.
Veronica: You left a flaming bag of dog poo in front of our door one time. That was kind of a play date.

Veronica: Dick, why are you here?
Dick: You saw that article about the Pi Sig house, right? That girl Claire gets raped after one of our parties, and suddenly, school's all in a bunch. There's like this hearing scheduled to try to get us kicked off campus, and that's where you come in.
Veronica: I get to do the kickin'?
Dick: You get to be the spy who loves me. The guys were really impressed with how you cleared the frat of the rape last year.
Veronica: Were they? That means so little.
Dick: They knew we had, like, this connection. So, they sent me here to hire you. We need you to do your Veronica thing and prove it's a pack of lies.
Veronica: Is it? A pack of lies?
Dick: We're a frat. Why rape the cow when you're swimming in free milk?

Veronica VO: Who knew that when opportunity knocked, it would look like a horny surfer?

Veronica: Here's a fun thing to say to your beau: mind if I go put the screws to someone?
Logan: Go ahead, screw your brains out.

Dick: You're torturing me.
Veronica: Without even trying? God, I'm good.
Dick: My brothers are all sorts of pissed. They think you're coming after them, instead of trying to find the real raper.
Veronica: Do you mean "rapist"? Learn the terminology!

Keith: [kommenterar Veronica klädsel] What, we start going to church? Or are you addressing the Junior League?
Veronica: Bland is the new hot.

Veronica VO: When entering a frat house full of accused rapists, the pant suit is a solid wardrobe choice. It's fashion's way of saying, "Move along. Nothing to see here."

Dick: They're hee-eere.

Dick: Go work your little pixie spy magic and fix this.

Charlie: I started bugging my mom about who my dad was when I was, I don't know, six, seven. Then on my tenth birthday, my mom takes me to see Aaron Echolls in Thought Police. She points to the screen and she says, "That's the guy. That's your dad".
Logan: She took you to see Thought Police on your birthday? Did she hate you?

Veronica VO: I have options. I could be excited for Logan. Thrilled, even, that his new brother is such a keeper. Or, I can be me.

Logan: So, it's Christmas, right? The entire family unit is around, which was rare. And I'm, I don't know, nine, and Aaron hands me a gift. But he notices the box has been rewrapped, you know, so he knows I peeked. I'm nine years old. He's re-gifting me a fruit basket. He starts shouting about how I've ruined Christmas.
Charlie: Oh my God.
Logan: Yeah. And he, uh, he tells me I'm not opening another gift until I eat all twelve pears in the box.
Charlie: Damn, man... the scissors incident, the drained swimming pool episode, now the box of pears.
Logan: Yeah. So, I'm eating the pears and taking my time, taking these dainty bites. The man comes unhinged. Takes these pears and just starts shoving them down my throat one after another. And then...and I'm choking, but he doesn't stop until my mom holds a cheese knife to his throat. To this day, I puke if I smell a pear.

Logan: Well, I'm glad you went digging. I mean, I've officially erased any and all romantic notions about my family.
Veronica: That's me. All sorts of helpful.

Veronica: In my world, the wicked don't get parting gifts.
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