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VeronicaMars.se - Intervju med Percy Daggs III
Vi fick chansen att intervjua Percy Daggs III som spelar Veronicas vän och sidekick Wallace Fennel i Veronica Mars. Här kan du läsa intervjun i sin helhet, intervjun gjordes den 31 mars 2006 och är baserad på alla avsnitt som hittills hade visats då i USA (tom 216).

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PD = Percy Daggs III
VM.se = VeronicaMars.se

PD: Hi, how are you?
VM.se: I am fine, thank you. How are you?
PD: Good, good...
VM.se: First of all I want to thank you for doing this because it means a lot to us fans. Let us begin with my first question.

VM.se: How did you get started in acting?
PD: I have always had that interest. It was also a dream for my mom and she helped and supported me a lot. I played in church, video in the school and later I began with commercial and guest star.

VM.se: How did you get the part of Wallace on Veronica Mars? Did you get to audition any scenes with Kristen Bell or the other actors?
PD: Yeah, I auditioned many, many times. A call-back audition, a studio test, a test with the network executives and finally I was brought back for another network test. Kristen and I had a great chemistry from the first time we read together.
VM.se: I can really imagine that. After you auditioned, did you think you were going to get the part?
PD: I have a lot of faith and I felt good about that so yes.

VM.se: In the very first scene in the show you are duct taped to a flagpole, was that an awkward scene to shoot?
PD: [han skrattar] It was awkward, difficult, embarrassing, cold and it was the hardest thing to do. I was naked and I had never been in a situation like that before, it was crazy.

VM.se: When the show starts Wallace is just as much as an outsider as Veronica, but later he has become a lot more popular. Was that something that was planned from the beginning or how did that come about? Do you have any input with the character? Do the writers listen?
PD: No, not so much input. I think he did well and it was planned from the beginning. Wallace becomes more confident with himself as time goes by.

VM.se: We love Wallace and Veronica's friendship on the show, the chemistry is just fantastic, what is it like to work with Kristen Bell? Are you friends with all the other actors? Do you ever hang out with any of them off the show?
PD: It's a lot of fun and she is very funny and sweet. It's a really nice experience. We both wanted to do the best we could with the show and gave everything we had. And I hit along with Teddy Dunn from the beginning, we had a couple of drinks... and we actually stayed (lived) together. Jason Dohring, and all the others, we all have a lot of fun and it's a lot of energy.

VM.se: Who's your favourite character on the show, besides Wallace?
PD: Hmm, that's a hard question, but I have to say Veronica Mars because of the way she handles the situation but I also really like Keith Mars.

VM.se: How come your little brother plays Wallace's little brother on the show? He is so cute by the way.
PD: Haha [skratt], because he is just like me and looks like me. He looks up to me and I thought he was perfect for the role.

VM.se: What's it like to be part of a cult hit tv show like Veronica Mars? Is that something you had expected when the show first started?
PD: I kind of did. But at the same time I had no expectation since it was a different show for UPN.

VM.se: Do you get recognized a lot? Do you get a lot of fan mails?
PD: Yeah, lately I have been recognized a lot at the street and I get mails but I'm not so recognized in magazines.

VM.se: Do you read what fans write on about the show and Wallace on the internet/forums/message boards?
PD: No, I don't do that. In case if it's negative and it would affect my job etc.

VM.se: Which are your favourite episodes? Both from season 1 and 2.
PD: That's another hard question, but Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle and the season's finale. (Han syftar på Leave It to Beaver)
VM.se: How long does it take to shoot an episode?
PD: It takes eight days to film an episode.

VM.se: Do you think Aaron Echolls murdered Lilly? If it's not him, then who?
PD: Haha [skratt], that's a difficult question, it's possible, I don't know.

VM.se: Can you tell us anything about what's going to happen on the show? Are Wallace and Jane going to last?
PD: (Han tänker lite vad han skulle kunna berätta men bestämmer sig för att han inte ville förstöra något för oss) Hmm, I don't want to ruin anything for you.

VM.se: This season (season 2) Wallace had a bigger storyline with his Dad and then the business with Rashard, what would you like to see happen for Wallace in the future (season 3)?
PD: Honestly, that Wallace is more into the investigation and be a part of it.

VM:se: My last question is, are you nervous about the show not getting picked up by the CW for season 3? Do you know anything more about it?
PD: I have no idea. We don't know more than you, but I think we have a really good shot. We really hope that the show gets at least one more season, of course more than that too. We look forward to that.

VM.se: Well, thank you so much for you time, we really appreciate it. I hope you will have a nice day.
PD: No problem, you too and thank you.

Percy Daggs III intervjuades av Bell
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