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About VeronicaMars.se
Veronica Mars Sverige (Veronica Mars Sweden) is a Swedish fansite about Veronica Mars. VeronicaMars.se has been online since April 22 2005. It started out as a campaign site for the show in Sweden but has since developed into the site you see today.

This site is run by Illyria, Bell helps out with material and Lamia is in charge of the server. If you have any questions, we can be reached at info(at)veronicamars.se.

This site works best in Firefox.
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The address to link is http://www.veronicamars.se
Would you like to become an affiliate with Veronica Mars Sverige? Send request to info(at)veronicamars.se.
VeronicaMars.se is a fansite, we are not in any way affiliated with UPN, The CW, Warner Bros, the cast or crew. We do not own or claim to own any of the photographs or videos on this site, all photographs and videos are copyright to their respective owners. All original content and graphics are copyright to us, please do not use without permission.
Nästa avsnitt SVT
SVT har visat klart alla 3 säsonger av Veronica Mars. Det finns inga fler avsnitt av serien och det kommer inte spelas in några nya. Serien är nedlagd i USA.
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